RK De Goede Herder parochie
Emmen en Erica

Welcome to the Roman Catholic Parish of De Goede Herder
(The Good Shepherd) in Emmen-Erica

We are glad to welcome you to our Christian community and we hope to support and accompany you in your faith, sharing with you the word of God, the Sacraments and all the goodness of our faith.

Some information about the parish of De Goede Herder
Our parish, named De Goede Herder (The Good Shepherd), is part of the Roman Catholic diocese Groningen-Leeuwarden. This diocese is one of 7 dioceses in the Netherlands. It encompasses the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe, as well as the Noordoostpolder, a part of the province of Flevoland. The episcopal seat is the Saint Joseph Cathedral in Groningen. The current bishop of our diocese is Mgr. Cornelis F.M. van der Hout.

De Goede Herder Parochie has under her jurisdiction four locations in Emmen and Erica: H. Gerardus Majella (Saint Gerard Majella), H. Paulus (Saint Paul) and H. Franciscus van Assisi (Saint Francis of Assisi) all three located in Emmen and OL Vrouw Onbevlekt Ontvangen (Our Lady Immaculate Conception) in Erica. Besides those our parish uses a chapel in Emmen.

Our priest is Father P.J.J. Stiekema. Because of the extensive territory of our parish, our priest is assisted by a lay preacher, Drs. J.B.Z. Lange. She is also appointed by the bishop of Groningen-Leeuwarden. She does not perform the Holy Mystery but serves a lay person. With the blessing of our priest she assists and/or leads in some liturgical services.

For ease of identification, underneath you will find the pictures, names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of our pastoral team members.

Father P.J.J. Stiekema  Stiekma
Meerstraat 4
7815 XG Emmen
Tel.: 0591 - 64 67 73
E-mail: p.j.j.stiekema@gmail.com

Also called ‘pastoor’.


Pastor drs. J.B.Z. Lange jose
Splitting 142
Tel.: 0591 - 62 62 21
E-mail: jbz.lange@outlook.com


Also called ‘pastor’.


How does our parish function?
As one can expect, in order to serve the whole community, our parish holds liturgical services, diaconate activities, catechism for all ages, meetings, etc. Everyone is invited to participate in these activities even if you do not speak Dutch. For more information please contact a pastoral team  member.
Despite the large area our parish covers we celebrate Holy Mass every day somewhere.

Monday        19:00 pm      Holy Mass at O.L. Vrouw Onbevlekt Ontvangen:
Kerkweg 122, 7887 BJ Erica
Tuesday        09:30 am      Holy Mass at H. Franciscus van Assisi:
De Schanswal 4, 7823 TJ Emmen
Wednesday 19:00 pm      Holy Mass at H. Gerardus Majella:
Splitting 142, 7826 CT Emmen
Thursday      18:30 pm      Adoration at H. Pauluskerk:
Meerstraat 2, 7815 XG  Emmen
Thursday      19:00 pm      Holy Mass at H. Pauluskerk:
Meerstraat 2, 7815 XG Emmen
Friday            19:00 pm      Holy Mass at the Bernharduskapel:
Woonzorgcentrum Holtingerhof,
Holtingerbrink 62, 7812 EX Emmen.

On weekends we celebrate the Holy Eucharist on Saturday at 7 pm and on Sunday at 9.30 am and 11.00 am. The location always differs according to a specified liturgical schedule for our parish, which is available for your information. Please ask.
Our parish also has a board that insures the governance of the parish. The so-called ‘parochiebestuur’. It functions under the blessing of the bishop and the parish priest and serves the entire church community.

In the Netherlands the church has to be self-sufficient in every way. That includes all the churches’ services (Sacraments, etc.), maintenance of all the buildings and grounds, and the day to day operational costs of all these.
In order to do that, the church depends entirely on the kind generosity of the faithful. Through donations, the collections during services, through other activities of the church. One of those is a fundraiser called “Kerkbalans” which is held at the beginning of every new year by every church of any Christian denomination in the country. You are invited to participate and contribute to any of these fundraisers.
The purpose of the action is to reach out to the faithful and ask for a financial support. Without this help our parish cannot perform all the duties that are needed. You are also invited to contribute to all of those actions.

We welcome and appreciate your contributions. Our Parish Bank Account numbers are:

* H. Franciscus van Assisi:                    NL27 RABO 0317 0158 42

* OL Vrouw Onbevlekt Ontvangen:        NL65 RABO 0114 5003 04

* H. Gerardus Majella:                          NL07 RABO 0317 0161 05

* H. Paulus:                                          NL11 RABO 0368 4602 74


Central parish fund:                              NL13 RABO 0317 0480 07

All Bank Accounts are registered to: RK parochie de Goede Herder.

For more information about our parish, please go to the website

 http://www.rkemmen-erica.nl  or contact a member of the pastoral team.
You are very welcome to our community of believers.

God bless you and warm greetings,
Father P.J.J. Stiekema,
The Good Shepherd Parish (De Goede Herder Parochie)